Remote Worker

Remote Worker is a form based application which is designed to be used for online and offline operation. It acts as an information carrier between field staff and back office systems through a PDA.

The continuous data update from the mobile field staff allows the SMS scheduling engine to automatically update the job status in real time, without any manual intervention by call centre staff.

Remote Worker provides the field resources with the critical information they need in real time. Field resources can view service history, accept or reject jobs, send/receive messages, capture customer signatures, job status updates and manage spare parts. The solution also enables route directions to the field staff. It enhances the service levels by giving the customers real time information about the jobs.

Remote Worker module can be integrated to any existing business applications seamlessly. The Remote Worker module can be used as a stand-alone module or in combination with other Service Management modules to provide the benefit of a fully integrated system.





Reduces service lead times leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
Empower your field work force
Improve accuracy of field data in real time
Faster response times
Real-time updating of data shared across enterprise
Call centre resource can be used in different area of the business as there is no requirement to re-enter the field data
Reduces administrative costs associated with time-consuming paperwork and phone calls
Complies with Alone Worker H&S Legislation