Customer Management

Customer Management is a web-based application which maintains and manages Customers’ Multiple Customer Contracts (SLA), System availability, Service Coverage, Response Times, Bonus & Abatements, Call priority, Preventive Maintenance targets, Automatic Renewal Tracking and Preventive Maintenance Scheduling to assist the business operational needs and also contains Contacts information such as location details.

The data collected in this module enables the call scheduler engine to establish the call scheduling order, based on contractual requirement, priority and other scheduling parameters. Once the order is established the calls are allocated to appropriate resource.

The uniqueness of our system is that the contractual information entered in this module assists the call scheduler in generating the scheduling order when a call is being logged, rather than call centre personnel providing the call scheduling order.

The Customer Management module is a powerful tool, which can be used as stand-alone module or in combination with other Service Management System modules to provide the benefit of a fully integrated system.