Call Management

Call Management is a web-based application which includes a call scheduler and resource optimiser, which allocates calls to meet the customers contractual obligations. Using advanced algorithms, the scheduling engine schedules calls in real-time

Ensures that the best and most suitable engineer is assigned to the job, using the Dynamic Scheduling Engine which takes into account factors such as engineer skills, tools, shift patterns, SLA’s, priorities, travel, traffic delays etc. The scheduling engine will provide the best scheduling order and call allocation.

When logging a call the process is driven by a predefined logical flow to meet the individual business requirement. The risk of human entry error is completely eradicated via the auto validation process, which eliminates the risk of employing highly skilled resources for call management.

The call scheduling order will be established based on the actual contractual performance and other parameters defined in the business rules. Another key benefit is that contractual performance can be viewed in real time over the web in various forms i.e. graphs, maps, charts and tables.

The Call Management module can be used as a stand-alone module or in combination with the other Service Management modules to provide the immense benefits of a fully integrated system