Asset Management

Asset Management is a web-based application which enables companies to enter and maintain Asset details and manage the Asset related activities needed by operational and management personnel.

This module allows to generate a plan for Preventive Maintenance, Overhauls and Asset refresh programs based on historical information provided and the contractual requirements. The generated plan is forwarded to the Call Management module for scheduling purpose.

Asset Management contains Asset Register and Asset Tracker where the Asset Register records all the serialized parts against the Bill of Material. The Asset Tracker also records all the device movement from location to location. This will allow the user total control over the Asset in real-time. This information will be used to identify and rectify reoccurring faulty devices and parts.

The module records comprehensive information for each asset, physical location description, drawings, technical information, inspection check list, method statements, special tools needed, expected results and maintenance history.

One of the unique functions of this application is to validate when a call is logged against a particular model, model number and the possible expected fault on that device to prevent wrong data being passed to Call Management Scheduler.

The Asset Management module can be used as a stand-alone module or in combination with the other Service Management modules to provide the benefit of a fully integrated system.