TLS Office

TLS Office provides your business with a total solution from call logging through to completion of delivery and collection. The Call Centre staff will have visibility of parcels, vehicles and personnel in real-time.

TLS Office enables Call Centre staff to log call details against predefined customer details. Once a call is logged, TLS utilises advanced resource management to allocate the best-fit vehicle and field personnel. Call details are then communicated to the field personnel via PDA or phone. At the point of delivery a signature is captured.

TLS consists of a web based user-friendly Operational Panel for the operational team to manage the total logistics operation. The operational panel is categorised into managing field personnel, vehicles, jobs and customer information. Where the operational team will be able to Add, Edit and Update various tasks in order to manage the logistic operation.

TLS consists of a single screen (LOS) where the unique feature of this system is that the GPS data from the vehicle and activity of the field personnel are captured and integrated in real time which provides a clear visibility of the resources activity at any given instance. And the mobile personnel activity can be viewed on gantt chart in real-time.

All vehicles and mobile personnel activity can be viewed on map

TLS Office gives you the foundations for a professional, cost effective logistics operation.