BDL Software Solution

Technical Logistics Software (TLS)

TLS is a web based, wireless tracking and mobile communication solutions for managing vehicles and field personnel. The application consists of the following sections:
Managing Field Personnels
Managing Vehicles
Managing Jobs
Web based Management Reports
The service is based on the latest satellite navigation and mobile technology to give you greater visibility of parcels, vehicles and personnel in real-time.

TLS is a fully hosted ‘cloud computing’ solution delivering services to you at a fraction of the cost compared to an in-house system. The cloud computing solution allows you to access your system and business data 24 hours a day from anywhere, with an Internet connection. It is a secure, efficient, powerful and worry free service that constantly provides you with the computing resources your business needs. Your data is central to your successful business operation and TLS ensures that it is always secure and backed up.

TLS provides you with a complete set of applications consisting of office and field based modules. TLS Office runs on a standard PC with a web browser and an internet connection. TLS Mobile runs on a PDA with a wireless Internet connection.

The unique feature of this system is that the GPS data from the vehicle and activity of the field personnel are captured and integrated in real time to provide an a clear visibility of the resources activity at any given instance.

Web based “Management Reports” have been developed based on the tracking information received from the tracking device and data received from the PDA. All the reports describe various activities of vehicles and field personnel.

This application caters for any logistics, distribution, paper/magazine delivery companies, where real time visibility is given to the total operation using the latest technologies. And various management reports are available and can be tailored to the user requirements.
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